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Travel Insurance for Club Repping

Becoming a holiday rep or working as a club promoter in some of the summer's busiest destinations can be a great way to see the world and meet loads of new people. A popular choice amongst students or those on gap years, travel operators and companies are always looking for staff to fill their vacancies for staff whilst abroad, and bars and clubs always hire promoters as they usually primarily only work off of commission.

Life can be one big holiday, with reps usually working six days a week and having a day to themselves to explore and rest. You get to interact and socialise with people who are on holiday, meet loads of new people and experience the memorable atmosphere that a clubbing holiday provides.

Whilst the most important things on your mind will be arranging somewhere to stay and of course, getting there, you'll also have to arrange important things like travel insurance, which will make sure you are covered should you have to come home early, any possessions are lost, stolen or damaged, you have to cancel your trip last minute or in the unfortunate event that you are injured or fall ill - travel insurance can help with medical advice and medical expenses that a foreign doctors or hospital will charge you for.

Staying Safe

Working as a club or holiday rep may mean you feel safe under the protective wing of either your company or the resort, but despite the friendly and outgoing atmosphere of everyone in these resorts, there is just as much of a chance of you encountering unsavoury characters as there is back at home. There are significant differences between the holiday resorts and your home, so make sure you respect local cultures, traditions, laws and life and don't think of your time abroad as a holiday-filled extension of your home - respect local customs and take extra precautions to stay safe.

Airline luggage restrictions mean that holiday reps can't take many personal possessions abroad without paying a hefty fine each way. Jewellery however, is small and easily carried, so it's tempting to pack expensive or meaningful pieces whilst we're away from home. Bear in mind that jewellery, especially gold, is a magnet for thieves and being a tourist can make you an easy target. It's best to leave these things and any other expensive pieces safely back at home.

It's easy to become attached to gadgets, especially when we use them so liberally in our everyday lives. Taking them on holiday with us seems like second nature but whether you're relaxing by the pool or out promoting a local bar, you should consider taking out an insurance gadget cover policy to make sure that should you lose your second arm, you're covered. It's always worth checking if these items are covered on your home insurance policy on an all-risks extension.

Important things such as passports, visas, documentation, other forms of ID, bank cards or cash should be placed in a secure safe in your room or kept securely on your person at all times. Make sure you tell your bank and credit card issuers the countries in which you intend to use your card as they can block access to your account if they become suspicious of fraudulent activity... even if it's actually you using them abroad!

If you're out a lot, make sure that you see your drinks being poured and that you keep an eye on them at all times - never leave a drink unattended. Don't accept a drink from anyone you don't know and let someone know where you are - should anything happen to you, these people can call for help. Alpha Travel Insurance provides cover for personal possessions, medical expenses, passport and documentation loss, theft, personal liability, cancellation and curtailment. Having a good level of club rep travel insurance is a must to ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

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