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How to Transport Your Skis/Snowboard Abroad

Whether you already have your own gear, or are considering purchasing some soon, you’ll want to know how to transport it safely. Our guide will help you prepare for your next snow sports trip.

If you spend every summer daydreaming about when you can next hit the slopes, you may be considering purchasing your own skiing or snowboarding equipment. For frequent skiers and snowboarders, it makes financial and practical sense – you’re going to be more comfortable using your own equipment and you no longer have to worry about paying for hire gear.

Purchase a ski/snowboard bag

First of all, you need a bag in which to keep your sports equipment protected. Many skiers and snowboarders opt for a padded bag, as these offer a little extra protection. They can, however, be bulkier, especially if they come with wheels. Depending on which airline you’re flying with, you may have to pay additional baggage charges as a result.

Another option is a coffin-style bag, which is capable of carrying the whole family’s ski equipment. If you’re travelling alone, you should have enough space to put all of your clothing in it, so you only need to check in one bag.

Before deciding which type of bag to purchase, it’s worth checking your airline’s luggage restrictions – buying the wrong case could cost you dearly! Bear in mind that budget carriers will generally have the strictest luggage restrictions.

Extra tip: Trying to put as much stuff in your ski/snowboard bag as possible (without going over any weight limitations). You can use your clothing to protect your equipment further, and items likes gloves and goggles fit nicely into boots.

Transporting skis/snowboards by car

If you’re hiring a car so you can drive to your ski resort, you need to think about where your equipment is going to go. There are three different options: in the car, in a roof box or on a ski rack.


Keeping your skis in the car itself is a great option, but only if you’re hiring a sizeable vehicle. You won’t have to pay additional fees to rent a rack or a box, and your skis/board will be completely protected from any road spray.

The biggest benefit is the lack of drag – placing anything on the roof of your car will create air resistance, meaning the car has to work harder and burns through fuel quicker. If you do choose this option, make sure the equipment is stored safely; you don’t want one of your passengers to get hurt!

Ski rack

Ski racks, on the hand, create a good deal of drag and might not be the best option if the drive to your resort is a long one. They also leave your skis/boards exposed, so the edges could be damaged by the spray from the road.

If you don’t have room to keep your equipment in the car, though, they are a cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative.

Roof box

While roof boxes are generally a bit more expensive to buy and rent, they do provide greater protection to your equipment. Another benefit is the fact they are more streamlined than racks, so they really are the best option if you need to drive long distances.

Other options for transporting your ski equipment

If the idea of dragging a huge bag around an airport and trying to fit it inside a car doesn’t appeal to you, there are other options.

Send your baggage abroad

Airline fees for your skis and snowboards too high? There are other ways to send your baggage abroad, and it may be a cheaper option. Shipping services such as will collect your ski bag from your home or workplace and deliver them to your hotel. It’s a hassle-free alternative that could work out cheaper than paying those often extortionate baggage charges.

Opt to rent instead

While you may have your heart set on bringing your skis or snowboard with you, it might not always be the best option. There are lots of benefits to renting ski equipment, including:

If you’ve already booked your ski or snowboarding holiday and have just realised the airline/shipping charges are going to be too high, renting is a viable option. You don’t have to leave all of your equipment at home, of course. You could simply choose to bring the things which are most important to you, such as those boots that fit just right.

However you choose to transport your ski or snowboard equipment, remember to purchase travel insurance. Our affordable skiing and snowboarding insurance will cover your equipment for damage and loss, giving you complete peace of mind. To find out more, get in touch today.

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