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Tourists Warned That Photographing Eiffel Tower is Illegal

Paris is renowned for its romantic scenes, snail cuisine and being the home to one of the most iconic structures, the Eiffel Tower. Attracting thousands of tourists each year, Paris is now warning potential visitors that they would be breaking the law should photos be taken of the Eiffel Tower at night.

The structure itself was built in 1889 which means that it falls within the public domain, and therefore visitors are able to fill up an entire camera's worth of shots should they so wish. However a strange clause in EU copyright rules could mean that tourists are fined for taking photos of the tower during the night, when the tower is illuminated with thousands of flickering lights.

If you've ever seen the Eiffel Tower at night, you'll agree how impressive it is to watch the dazzling spectacle - however the lights are classed as an 'art work' and combined with the EU copyright rules means that 'reproducing' requires written permission of the original artist. Unfortunately this also means that it is technically illegal to share photos on social media sites such as Facebook.

Many buildings and structures from around the world are protected by copyright laws and therefore tourists who wish to take photographs are required to seek permission beforehand. In countries such as Romania, Bulgaria and Slovenia, rules regarding taking photographs are not as strict, with the exception that any images are not sold on. In the UK, Netherlands and Germany, visitors are allowed to take and share photos of any building or monument without fear of risking a hefty fine.

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