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Top Destinations for your Overseas Stag Do

We've all seen Don't Tell The Bride (whether we wanted to or not)- a groom-to be is given £12,000 to plan the wedding for his bride and usually ends up spending a decent amount of money on the stag-do. Overseas stag weekends are becoming increasingly popular, especially as they offer an ideal city break for cheaper than you might find in the UK. Not just that, but you can make your stag-do that little bit more memorable by storming into Berlin and spending the entire weekend drinking German beer dressed in lederhosen - sounds good, right?

European cities are on our doorsteps, so it only seems fair that we take advantage of the culture, the cheap prices and the chance to have a stag weekend we'll never forget.

Below are Alpha's top destination choices for a stag weekend abroad:


A bustling and vibrant city, Budapest is coming into its own as one of the best destinations to have a stag-do. With buildings that join the old town and the city's history with the buzzing metropolis which is taking over more and more of the city as time goes on, Budapest is similar to other European cities whilst remaining surprisingly cheap - no wonder lots of grooms have partied here! (A pint of beer costs the equivalent of £1, a bottle of wine is £2.50)


Krakow, in Poland, is an exciting mix of clubs and bars situated in historic buildings and near stunningly beautiful architecture (so if you're having a really heavy night, at least you'll have nice surroundings). With students swarming the city during the academic year, the city has a really young and energetic vibe, allowing you to easily party on into the early hours of the morning.


Latvia's capital city, Riga is home to the best activity options for those on a stag weekend. Along with being incredibly cheap, the city offers things like bobsleigh tracks, shooting, go-karting, paintball, yachting and quad-biking - not to mention the incredible host of bars and clubs which become packed at the weekend.


If you're looking to plan a more cultural weekend, look no further than Prague. A favourite Eastern European destination for stag parties, Prague has got some incredible features. The impressive Prague Castle sits above the city, and the medieval architecture which is spread throughout the city gives any stag a perfect backdrop to their weekend away. Extreme activities like jelly wrestling, white-water rafting, shooting, curling and hovercraft sessions are available, too.


A short flight from London and you can arrive in one of the best cities in Europe. A hit with tourists every year, Barcelona is often quoted as being 'Paradise Found' for a stag and his friends. Ideal for the food-lover, stag parties can enjoy fresh calamari, huge paellas and enjoy some of the incredible Spanish bottles of wine that they have on offer.

Wherever you plan on having your stag do, whether it's Krakow, Barcelona or even Dublin, make sure that you're travelling with travel insurance. Anything can happen whilst you're away, so it's worth making sure that you're covered for things like emergency medical expenses, lost, stolen and damaged possessions as well as travel delays. The smallest thing could end up ruining your entire special weekend, so make sure you have peace of mind with Alpha.

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