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Top 9 Scuba Diving Locations

At this time of the year, many students start to think about what they will be doing after they finish University for the summer. Some will decide to go on a long backpacking adventure while others will be planning a short getaway with their family or friends. Why not try scuba diving on your next adventure? It's not just a sport... it's an underwater adventure boasting an array of wildlife and beautiful coloured coral amongst crystal clear waters. In this blog post we've cherry picked some of the best scuba diving locations across the globe, check them out below!

Have you ever been scuba diving before? Why not share your experience with us in the comments below or send us your holiday snaps via our Facebook or Twitter pages - we would love to see them!

As always, having a good level of travel insurance is essential if you want to partake in scuba diving abroad. Check through the activity list in your policy wording to make sure that you have the correct cover in place before you begin your activity. You may need to purchase an additional activity pack although at Alpha Travel Insurance, this can be done simply and easily.

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