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Top 8 Annoying Things People Do in Airports

Not many travellers would agree that it is an easy and stress-free task when it comes to navigating through the airport. In this blog we've rounded up the top 10 holidaymaker annoyances on other people in the airport - are you guilty?

From long snake like queues of people waiting to check in their luggage, to the inconvenience of having to remove all your personal items ready for the lengthy security checks... by the time you finally reach the departure lounge a spot of rest and relaxation is most certainly in order!

People who talk loudly - Imagine you're trying to read your book or catch up on some sleep and someone is talking very loudly about last night's television and the latest gossip - nightmare!

Loud cell phones and music - Constant ringtones, music blaring out, even music leaking from a set of headphones can make you let out a huge sigh of frustration.

Eat stinky food - Tuna sandwiches may taste delicious, but the person sitting next to you may not appreciate the fishy smell of tuna. Mmm...

Children that misbehave - Yes, airports can be boring if you have to wait for a long time, and yes, children can be hard to control even at the best of times. However if children are running around they can cause a hazard to other people. Hot coffee can cause third degree burns if children crash in to another person at high speed. Ensure they stay in one place and keep them entertained by bringing along some toys or activities to keep them busy.

Joking around at security - You may be surprised at this one, but believe it or not, many people are guilty. When it comes to answering the question of 'have you packed your bags yourself' many people can't resist the urge to make a joke. However by law, security is then required to check the bags, therefore holding everyone else up. It's just not worth it.

Arguing with airport staff - Have you ever been second in line at the airport and you're held up by another passenger arguing about their luggage... or their boarding pass... or that they are only 5 minutes late for check in?

People who walk slooooooowly - Ever been behind someone who is walking slowly with their suitcase in tow? What about those who suddenly stop and then you end up crashing over their suitcase? Yep we've all been there.

Crowding the luggage carousel - Many people end up rushing to and crowding around the carousel in the hope that their bag will come out first and they can be on their way. For people who have extra large, heavy or awkwardly shaped bags, having others crowding around the carousel can make it extra difficult to get the baggage off in time. A general rule of thumb is that if you checked in your luggage first, it was packed on to the plane first, therefore will come out last.

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Does the airport leave you feeling frustrated? If so, why not share your experience in the comments below or join in with the conversation on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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