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Top 10 Weirdest Hotel Requests

When booking your hotel reservation, have you ever noticed the small box titled 'request'? Many of us who are looking for the perfect hotel experience choose to either leave this box blank or enter words such as 'sea view', 'top floor' or 'close to stairs' whereas others choose to make some more unusual requests...

The majority of individuals' strange requests involve food with one individual wanting 15 cucumbers delivered to the hotel room itself, whereas bathroom requests made a close second with baths of honey and mineral water filled toilets.

Flight comparison website, Skyscanner surveyed the list of 400 hotel staff participants; check out the full list below:

When we travel abroad, the customer service of the hotel staff can either make or break your trip. The want to make you feel as welcome as possible and will usually do all that they can to ensure that you have a pleasant stay. The 400 hotel staff members also revealed the most unusual hotel complaints - including one man who wanted a refund due to a lack of sleep because of his girlfriend's snoring!

Have you ever made any strange requests and had them granted? Why not let us know in the comments below or join in the conversation on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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