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Top 10 Cabin Crew Annoyances

We thought it would be interesting to see what things the cabin crew found most annoying on flights. For many people, jetting around the world to exotic destinations is the ultimate dream job... so it's no wonder why a flight attendant career is so desirable.

Although there are many perks of the job the airline cabin crew often have to work long hours, but always have to wear a smile and a professional attitude even during the most stressful of times.

But even the staff who hold the most desirable jobs find things that grind their gears. A recent survey of 700 airline staff members revealed the top 10 things that airline cabin crew found annoying. Do you do any of these?

26% - Passengers clicking their fingers to get the cabin crew's attention

13% - Leaving your seat when the seatbelt light is on

11% - Passengers trying to cram bags in to the overhead storage compartments

10% - Passengers complaining there's no room left to store their bag

9% - Talking loudly over the safety demonstrations

8% - Requesting extra blankets and pillows

7% - Passengers stuffing rubbish in between the seat pockets

6% - Passengers asking for a different meal than what is already on the menu

6% - Pressing the flight attendant button to complain that the aircraft is too hot or too cold

4% - Requesting a particular brand of drink

So what do flight attendants think the perfect passenger is? The answer is a male aged between 31-40, who is travelling on his own for leisure purposes and is sitting in economy. If you fit this description, you're the perfect passenger!

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