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Top 10 Adrenaline Junkie Activities

Do you have a thirst for adrenaline and a love of sports? Why not combine the two and try something new! Check out Alpha's Top 10 Adrenaline Junkie Activities... we've got these on our 2013 bucket list and you should too!

1 - Sky Surfing

Have you ever wanted to surf and skydive but couldn't decide which one? If so, then sky surfing is the perfect sport for you! This sport involves having a surfboard style device attached to your feet and sky diving out of a plane.

It's an amazing experience that is definitely worth a go!

2 - White Water Rafting

3 - Motocross

4 - Hydro Zorbing

Climb inside your very own giant hamster ball... on water!

5 - Slack-Lining

6 - Bungee Jumping

7 - Snowboarding

8 - Bridge Swinging

Similar to a bungee jump, you are secured to a harness on a long rope (this one's not elastic!) and required to jump off a large bridge. After you have jumped and the rope is tight, you will find yourself swinging under the bridge and out the other side. Then keep swinging... and swinging... and swinging!

9 - Canyoning

10 - Airboarding

Similar to a hovercraft, the airboard is filled with air and is used to slide down snowy terrain head first on your stomach! Great fun!

Remember to always have travel insurance for your chosen activity and especially if you're planning to travel abroad! Alpha Travel Insurance can cover all of the above activities! Take a look at our Activity List page to see the complete range of activities we cover, with over 100 of them being free of charge!

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