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Third of Brits Get Holiday Injuries at the Airport

When you hear the words 'holiday' and 'injury' in the same sentence, you assume it's something like a broken foot because you tripped whilst attempting a breath-taking performance of the swan dive on your way into the 4ft deep swimming pool, or it's a broken arm because you fell awkwardly after one too many sangrias. But you never think of people sustaining injuries whilst either on their way to spend time abroad or on their way back home, where it's been revealed that a third of British holidaymakers have hurt themselves.

Luggage company Sendmybag have conducted a survey into the number of people who have sustained an injury whilst at the airport. They asked more than 2,150 participating adults whether they had ever picked up an injury whilst in the airport, to which 34% of people said they had.

49 percent of injuries sustained included back pain, bruises and broken toes - all related to carrying baggage around, lifting it the wrong way or dropping it. Other injuries caused by heavy luggage included cuts, grazes, pulled muscles and sprained ankles, proving that your suitcase is the most dangerous holiday item. 28% of the people who had become injured by their luggage claimed that a bag had fallen on them, while 23% said that they'd tripped over a case.

A third of people said they were hurt from 'slips and trips from rushing around', which is easy to believe when you think of the mad rush people get into trying to reach the luggage carousel, or trying to get to a flight transfer. 13% of respondents blames their injury on escalators, which become particularly crowded when flights come in.

The airport rush doesn't stop there - more than 40 percent of injuries occurred when hurrying to a boarding gate, with 21% of passengers getting hurt at the baggage carousel, and 17% injured by other passengers rushing past.

According to the poll, 74% of people who picked up an injury in the airport didn't bother reporting it to a member of staff, with some mentioning that it was because they didn't want to risk missing their flight.

Adam Ewart, founder of Sendmybag said, "œA lot of people don't get to go abroad too often, so when they do it can be both a very exciting but stressful time, particularly when at the airport. The results from this study show that it's far more common than people realise to have luggage-related injuries from rushing around."

If you are looking to get away this summer, make sure that your luggage isn't too heavy for you to carry. If it is, make sure you have a suitcase with wheels that is easy to pull along - and don't rush.

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