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Think You Don’t Need Gap Year Insurance? Think Again!

Do I really need gap year insurance? Simple answer, YES!  There are plenty of reasons why you need travel insurance cover whilst away from home.  You may think that nothing is going to happen to you, but once you start on your trip who knows where you will end up and what new experiences you will be having a go at.

Our gap year travel insurance policies have been designed with the backpacker in mind.  You want a policy that is affordable, but also gives you a decent level of cover.  For instance, medical expenses in some countries can be extremely expensive - even for minor treatment.  Visit our dedicated Alpha Longstay page  for more information, or contact us.

Here's some food for thought...

Cancellation Cover:

Should anything happen before you have even left the country and your trip has to be postponed or cancelled, this section would ensure that you didn't lose the money you have spent on your flights or booked accommodation.

Medical Expenses Cover:

Bites, heat stroke, stomach upsets, sunburn etc.  These minor ailments can all lead to more serious medical conditions.  If you are in a hot humid country, infection is always a worry.  Not to mention the odd accident!  Be reassured that 24hr medical assistance is at the end of a phone.

Returning Home:

Should the need arise when it is medically necessary to bring you home, it's good to know that everything from transport from the hospital to your front door will be taken care of.

Emergency Dental Treatment:

No-one likes toothache.  Treatment to alleviate pain will be welcome wherever you are in the world.

Personal Effects:

How much did you spend on that nice new rucksack or on some new gear?  Should your belongings be lost, damaged or stolen you will have the peace of mind that you can replace them and be reimbursed.

Personal Liability:

You didn't mean to break the glass in the shop window, you were just kicking a ball around with a few mates...  Whatever you do, do not admit liability!  If you are found to be responsible for any damage due to negligence to another person's property whilst away, there is cover under your policy.

You were having a great time at the beach barbie last night.  You wake up this morning and find yourself covered in insect bites.  Fine no problem, they'll go away in a couple of days...but what if they got infected? Think about it.

Don't let the GAP in your gap year be travel insurance.

Helpful Links: - FCO advice on gap year travelling

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