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Things to Consider Before Driving Overseas

If you're planning on renting, borrowing, hiring or ever bringing your own car with you on your trip abroad you will need to be prepared. Driving on the wrong side of the road, breaking down, theft and not having the correct documents are all too common problems, which can be avoided by simply preparing both yourself and your car. Check out our guide to driving overseas for all the information you'll need to know!

Before You Leave

Note: Leaded petrol is not usually available in Northern Europe. Consider purchasing anti-wear additives that can be added to the fuel.

Essential Documents to Bring

Essential Things to Keep in the Car

Hiring, Borrowing or Renting?

If hiring, borrowing or renting a car abroad always make sure you:


Be aware each country has different road laws that will apply to both yourself and your vehicle. It is illegal in some countries to use a Sat Nav to detect fixed speed cameras, whereas others prohibit the use of them completely. Always remember to check the individual rules of your destination before you travel; however, here are some general rules that will apply whichever country you visit:

Driving abroad may seem confusing and daunting at first, especially if the country you're visiting drives on the opposite side of the road! But the above tips should help you feel a little bit more prepared before you begin your globetrotting adventure on the road!

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