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The Top Late Flight Excuses

Have you ever been late for a flight? Perhaps you've been caught up in traffic and had to dash across the airport to reach your gate and (fingers crossed) not miss your flight... A recent report by Sunshine revealed that a staggering 22% of UK holidaymakers do not leave enough time to get to the gate before it closes, with many of them just making it by the skin of their teeth! It's always a good idea to give yourself more time than you think you need so that you don't run the risk of being late and potentially not being able to go on your trip. Check out some of their excuses below...

"œMy car broke down and I had to walk!"

One female traveller was flying from Heathrow airport for a holiday in the Dominican Republic. After her car broke down on the M4 she decided to walk 'miles and miles' to the airport with her luggage in tow, leaving her car abandoned on the hard shoulder.

"œWe had to pack seven times!"

A man's excuse for arriving late for his flight from Exeter to Prague was that his wife made him late. He told airline staff that she had insisted on packing and re-packing their suitcases seven times to make sure that they had not forgotten anything.

"œI had to feed the animals!"

An animal lover travelling from Manchester to Italy claimed that he was late for his flight because he had to feed his pets before he left home - 17 cats, 5 dogs and 2 budgies! He then had to make sure that his neighbor had the instructions on how to look after his animals while he was away.

"œMy watch was the wrong time!"

A lady flying from Heathrow to Brazil thought she was being efficient when she put back her watch by two hours to match with that of her holiday's time zone. Unfortunately for her, she needed to check in two hours prior to departure and only just made her flight.

"œI wanted to watch the end of the film!"

Flying from Bristol to Gran Canaria, a woman was late for her flight because she wanted to see how a film ended! She was watching The Lion King DVD for the first time before she was due to leave the house. Even though she knew she would be running late, continued to watch the film.

Top travel tips!

Make sure you are never late for your flight by following our travel tips below:

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