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The Reasons To Not Share Holiday Details on Social Media

How many of us are guilty regarding holiday spam over social media websites? Let's face it, we've all either seen it or done it, so much so that it's now become ingrained into our holiday routine - checking in at the airport, photos of your tanned legs on the beach and status updates every thirty minutes on how (still!) gloriously hot the weather is.

However recent news from the Financial Ombudsman Service now means that your home and contents insurance policy could be in jeopardy should you partake in social media sharing of your latest holiday. The Ombudsman warned that comments and likes on Facebook and Twitter, check-ins on Foursquare and filtered holiday snaps on Instagram can all be a great tool for burglars looking to target their next victim.

Posting to social media about your holiday means that you are not at home. Many individuals are unaware that home and contents insurance companies are likely to use social media themselves to check whether the insured is taking "œreasonable care" to ensure that they don't advertise their absence online.

The Financial Ombudsman stated that people are wary of not promoting that they are away from their homes for a significant period of time and will cancel items such as newspaper deliveries to help this. However the downside is that they then go on to post status updates and photos to their social media websites about their trips.

Unfortunately many people who use social media have the lowest privacy settings selected, which means that anyone can complete a quick search of your name and check your location data to find out everything they need to know. The most important thing to do is to lock down your settings and make these only viewable to your friends list as well as being wary of who you accept as a friend on social media sites.

We all want to share what we are up to on our travels; however it is important to do so safely.

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