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The Importance of Taking Cash to Greece

Greece is a popular choice for those looking for glorious beach weather and fantastic beaches juxtaposed with an array of historical architecture just around the corner. It can be said that Greece is the place to go if you're looking for a great holiday that won't disappoint but at a bargain price that doesn't break the bank...

Talking of banks, a recent statement by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has warned tourists who are planning to flock to the country this summer, to take Euros in note and coin form rather than using the ATM machines during the course of their holiday.

The reason behind the statement is due to a potentially problematic debt crisis that would mean that all ATM machines in Greece would be switched off, leaving tourists completely strapped for cash if they ran out of physical money or relied solely on using their debit or credit card whilst abroad.

The Greek National Tourism Organisation stated that they did not anticipate any problems occurring but could not be one hundred percent sure.

In summary, the FCO advise travellers heading to Greece to ensure that they have enough physical money with them to last the entire duration of their holiday, with a little extra in case of an emergency or any unexpected delays. Make sure that you keep an eye on the news for the latest updates on the situation as well as official travel advice from the FCO; also bringing a range of payment options with you.

If Greece did have to switch off their cash machines and that they were denied emergency funds to cover the summer debt repayments, the country may opt to exit the Euro completely.

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