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The European Festival Goer’s Ultimate Survival Guide

Going to a music festival is one of the best ways to spend your summer days, so it's no surprise that festivals have sprung up across Europe in a bid to host the best summer party, with the best musical headliners.

Hundreds of thousands of music lovers have different experiences each year depending on the event and what happens. Thousands of crimes occur at music festivals both in the UK and in Europe, so it's important to think about some safety advice before you leave.

Heading abroad to a festival can be a fairly adrenaline-inducing experience and definitely a highlight of the summer! Keep in mind your safety and everything should be fine, but also remember that with a travel insurance policy, like those from Alpha, you can have peace of mind knowing that both your personal possessions are protected against theft, loss or damage, but also any medical expenses that may occur from over-zealous dancing, accidents or even something simple will be considered.

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