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The 2014-15 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup

The 2014-2015 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup kicked off earlier this week; providing exciting showcases of skiing skill in accessible, scenic locations worldwide. International competitors take part in a number of different freestyle ski event, in a wide range of locations, all hoping to perform well enough in their events to be crowned the overall FIS Freestyle Skiing Men's or Women's world champion.

Some of the choicest locations this time around are Arosa, Switzerland for Skicross, Beijing, China for aerials, and Calgary, Canada. You could have a legitimately exciting holiday in these locations even if the Freestyle Skiing World Cup wasn't in town; so this event provides some great impetus for last minute winter breaks!


With an event of this scale going on, it may be more difficult than usual to find accommodation at the last minute in areas close to the specific locations of the events themselves, but otherwise a last minute trip to one of the host nations to participate as a spectator is still more than viable. While one of the biggest events in the international skiing calendar, the FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup is still comparatively small scale, especially when stood alongside events such as the winter Olympics, so it's still very much possible to pick up tickets to upcoming events, at more than affordable prices. For example, tickets to the Aerial competition at the Olympic Jumping Complex, Lake Place, USA are currently $16 for adults, and $10 for juniors and seniors; it will likely cost you more to get there in the first place!

Winter mountains, Rifugio Citta di Milano ( Schaubachhutte) - It

Be inspired

Of course, events such as the Freestyle Skiing World Cup inspire more than just impassioned spectators; if you feel your inner freestyle skier stirred by the performances that you see at the competitions, it's also not too late to book a last minute ski holiday; or alternatively, simply hire some ski equipment at/near the location of the event, and proceed to enjoy the slopes that aren't being used by the competitors. With that many ski-fans in town, you may even end up with a few spectators of your own, between the different heats!

... But don't forget insurance!

It's important for us to add at this point that we don't offer cover for skiing competitions; but if watching the cream of international freestyle skiers has left you with a thirst to explore the piste in non-competitive situations, we've got you covered! In the same way, if you're keen to catch some of the action before the event completely wraps up on March 15th, it's not too late to grab some of our superb value single trip holiday cover, so that you can spectate with confidence!

Pretty female snowboarder

Advice for 'would be' skiers

Being inspired by an event like the 2014-15 Freestyle Skiing World Cup is something to embrace, but with every new venture it's important to take on-board some important advice.

Preparation can be key

Before hitting the slopes make sure that you checkout the very latest FCO advice for that country or region. We are a part of the FCO's 'Know Before You Go' campaign and have an area of our site dedicated to helping you discover the very latest information - you can access this here.

Pre-travel tips

When planning to take on any new activity be it skiing, snowboarding or otherwise, you will be surprised by the level of packing and equipment you will need to cater for. We have put together a comprehensive guide of successfully packing equipment safely (from hard cases and airline restrictions on luggage, through to security and storage) and you can get this here.

Food for sport

Adding activities to travelling places additional demands on you including the need to eat suitably for the sport/activity in question. From quick calories to slow burn carbs - you will be interested to discover the best fuels for skiing in our guide.

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