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Survey Reveals Skiers Enjoy the Slopes More Than Snowboarders

There's been a long-running debate over the years - skiing vs snowboarding. Both sports are packed with adventure and are great fun for everyone of all ages and abilities. However, a recent study has revealed that when it comes to enjoyment regarding snow fueled adrenaline on the slopes, skiers are likely to enjoy their sports more than snowboarders.

The survey polled 279 people of all ages to find out which sport had the highest enjoyment rate - 45% were skiers, 40% were snowboarders and the remaining 15% enjoyed both sports. It was also revealed that even a one-off short Winter break was effective in boosting the natural endorphins.

The study showed that skiers rate their happiness levels on average five times higher than that of the snowboarder. The potential reason why this is could be because they are more immersed in their activity when travelling down the powdered slopes; the use of ski poles could be an added advantage.

Whether you're a skier or snowboarder, it is important to invest in a quality travel insurance policy to protect you from any hidden surprises whilst you are on the slopes. Our specialist and dedicated Wintersports policy is ideal if you are looking for a great range of benefits including cancellation, lost and stolen lift passes, cover for damaged equipment both hired and owned and a 24 hour emergency medical team with repatriation as standard.

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