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Staying Safe Whilst Camping

Camping as a family, as a couple or even on your own is a great (and cheap!) way to see a country -you can see the sights from some of the best-located sites in the world and enjoy getting back to basics without things like the Xbox getting in the way.

Luckily, camping and caravanning abroad involves the same sorts of rules, laws and etiquette as you would get back in the UK - keeping the noise down at night, don't let your kids or any animals run loose, be careful with your campfire and other such guidelines. Here are some tips for staying safe whilst camping overseas:


Probably one of the most important safety aspects of camping is to keep an eye on your fire. A fire can destroy a tent in just 60 seconds, and as this is the biggest threat to people who are camping, it's also very important to be aware with related safety procedures.

As with all campsite fires, make sure you have a fire bucket full of water outside your own unit, especially on campsites where no fire-fighting equipment is supplied. Make sure everyone in your group knows exactly what to do if there is a fire, and that they understand the campsite-specific procedures.


Barbeques can be just as dangerous as open fires, especially with the amount of carbon monoxide that they produce.

Unpredictable weather

Weather has a way of cropping up completely out of the blue, but disaster can be averted so long as an emergency plan for freak weather is in place.


Keeping pesky insects away from you whilst you're grappling to get back to nature can be a monumental and exhausting task, especially if you've decided to camp throughout the summer season. Bugs can cause itchy bites, spread diseases and ruin food, so it's better without them in your tent, really.


Camping and hiking around picturesque areas certainly has it's perks - you get to see incredible scenery in all of it's glory, throughout sunrise, sunset and indeed, sunshine. Extended periods of time in the sun call for liberal use of sunscreen, even if you don't feel like it's catching you at all. You can burn even on a rainy day. It's also important to stay hydrated.

Travel Insurance

It's important - wherever or however you intend on travelling - to have a travel insurance policy. Should there be freak weather, or an unforeseen accident, you could end up with nowhere to stay or in serious need of medical attention without anyone to help. With an Alpha Travel Insurance policy, camping is covered as standard, so we can have your back should anything unfortunate happen.

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