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Statistics Reveal You’re More Likely to Die by Taking Selfies Than Shark Attacks!

Taking a selfie on your mobile phone or tablet might appear to be a harmless act whilst abroad, but did you know that since 2014 this has been the cause of 49 deaths around the world!?

A recent report has revealed that the most risky destination to take a travel selfie is in India, which holds the title of the most fatalities at 19. Second place went to Russia with 7 deaths, followed by the United States of America with 5; although these fatality figures are disproportionate to the total population size of the country.

The countries with the most selfie related deaths can be viewed below:

Whilst falling from a height is the number one cause of travel related selfie deaths, there have also been reports of grenades, animals and car crashes being responsible.

The most frequent cause of selfie-fatalities:

Selfie deaths in particular have become rife in Russia, so much so that the government put together a guide which details the potential risks of taking a photo of yourself. The guide highlights the importance of selfie-takers not climbing on buildings, being safe whilst driving, not posing with weapons, amongst other tips and advice.

USA's Yellowstone National Park has also been plagued with the problem, when five people were gored by a bison. They have since issued warnings to help prevent others following the same unfortunate end. Another individual was very close to losing a hand after posing with a rattlesnake whilst trying to take the elusive snap.

When trying to take the perfect photo of yourself, it is important to be aware of your surroundings to help prevent accidents occurring.

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