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Sharing Your Gap Year Experiences

Going on a gap year is one of the most exciting and life-changing things that people can go on, so it's only natural that you would want to share your experiences with the your envious friends and family back at home. Luckily, thanks to a wonderful creation called the Internet, keeping in touch and sharing your gap year experiences is becoming easier and easier. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are all allowing us to share our views as we travel around the world and can also let us connect with people we meet on our way.

Travel writing used to be a luxury profession reserved only for those with a knack for language and a budget to travel the world, but now WordPress and Blogger pages are being set up by thousands of people embarking on their first trips alone or with companions to document an online memoir of their overseas experiences. With internet access now almost universal and with more of us taking smartphones, laptops and tablets with us on our travels, it's becoming easier to sit on the beach, connect to local WiFi and upload a blog post.

So how do I go about making an online travel blog for my friends and family to read?

Choose a domain - Sites like, Blogger or Medium are all great places to begin blogging. They're easy to use, you can personalise them with layouts and backgrounds to make them stand out from the myriad of travel blogs that float around the Internet's stratosphere.

Choose a name - If you want to create a blog that stands out so that you can connect with other digital nomads, name your blog with something catchy that will stand out, and start to 'follow' other successful travel blogs to get an idea for what you should post. If you're keeping a blog just so mum and dad know you're safe and not being held at gunpoint in a strange country - it doesn't have to be flashy, just simple but detailed in content.

Write content that you're passionate about - if you write about stuff you're not interested in it will come across in your writing style. So avoid describing that awkward bus journey into town and instead focus on describing the colours and flavours of the market you went to.

Keep it updated - regular updates ensure that your readers will be up-to-date with your travels and eager to read new posts. Most people aim to post new posts at least three times a week. If you know you're going to be in remote parts without internet access, a common trick is to write posts in advance and then just schedule them to post later and be uploaded automatically whilst you can't connect.

Connect with others - there's no better way to find out more about the places you're travelling to than reading direct first-hand accounts. You can find out cheaper places to stay or eat, things to do and what the local culture is about. By getting to know others in travel-blogging, you'll direct more people to your page to read your adventures!

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