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Report Reveals Fastest Airline to Unload Your Luggage

We can all relate to the what-feels-like-forever moment when everyone crowds round the luggage carousel after disembarking the flight in the hopes of being promptly reunited with our suitcases. Perhaps you've spotted your bag a bit too late just as it's begun its second lap of the carousel, or maybe you're the last one waiting as your case is the final one to appear - either way it's one of the most frustrating and time consuming moments of the holiday experience.

However a recent survey has revealed the best and worst airlines for returning your holiday cases on time, and surprisingly only one has a 100% record!

The survey, conducted by Gatwick Airport, timed each of the airline's luggage handlers to see how speedy they are - considered to be successful if luggage was delivered within 35 minutes for small aircraft, and 50 minutes for large aircraft.

Airline Flybe, who uses handling agent Menzies, came out top with a score of 100% in the small aircraft category with 84 flights and every single bag being returned within the allocated 35 minute period. Other airlines who scored quite highly in the report were Aurigny (99% score on 176 flights) and Aer Lingus (98% score on 283 flights) - Both of these airlines also used Menzies as their handling agents.

Ryanair also scored quite highly with 98% of bags being delivered on time from 231 flights, using handling agent Swissport (also used by British Airways who scored 92%). However if you're flying with Thomas Cook, TAP Air Portugal or Royal Air Maroc, the handling agent they use is Aviator who scored worse on the report with only 57-65% of bags being delivered on time.

What do you think of these figures? Have you ever had a nightmare waiting for your luggage to be returned or has it all been plain sailing for you? Why not let us know in the comments or on our social channels - we'd love to hear from you!

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