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20 September 2016: Former holiday hot-spots are now no-go areas for solo travellers, says
Solo travellers’ confidence in the safety of Turkey and Egypt is at all-time low, according to a new survey conducted by travel insurance specialist

22 October 2014: Skiers no snow claims soar for 2015 season, but personal damages could rise next season, says
A skiing or snowboarding holiday is the perfect adrenaline rush holiday, however claims for no snow upon arrival at the resort are increasing. Alpha takes a look at their winter sports claims data for no snow, personal damages as well as investigating the opinions on gadgets used for safety purposes.

22 October 2014: Schumacher accident causes major fears with over 80% of skiers claiming they will now wear helmets
Following on from the high profile incident of Michael Schumacher, Alpha Travel Insurance's customer base are more worried about having an accident on the slopes, with beginners more likely to wear helmets and safety gear when heading on a winter holiday... whereas the pros have different attitudes when it comes to safety.

29 July 2014: Four holiday fiascos Inbetweeners 2 boys could avoid when travelling on gap year
The Inbetweeners 2 is the long awaited must-see film of summer 2014. The sequel sees the boys head to Australia on a gap year - Alpha Travel Insurance explores four potential pitfalls the boys could face and how their travel insurance could help them.

14 November 2013: Winter sports lovers travel with prized equipment, but are reluctant to insure it, says Alpha Travel Insurance
Skiers and snowboarders are avoiding hiring expensive specialist equipment and travelling with their own skis and snowboards. But they don't think to insure it, according to

24 September 2013: Long Stay vs Multi Trip -confusion over cover is causing more claims
Following the new FCA guidelines abolishing the term annual multi-trip to stop consumer confusion, Stephen Howard, Managing Director of Infinity Insurance Solutions comments on the difference between long stay and multi trip travel cover.

15 August 2013: Adventurous travellers beware 'childhood' diseases are back!
Adventure travellers going 'off trail' are warned to check their vaccinations are up-to-date after a rise in reported incidents of infectious diseases, such as polio and TB, at popular holiday destinations, says backpacker travel specialist

15 July 2013: 82% of Brits take part in adventurous holidays but are they covered?
Following the news that four people were injured and hospitalised at this week's Pamplona festival, Chantelle Dadd, Brand Manager for Alpha Travel Insurance explains what you should look out for when booking such adrenaline fuelled activities.

27 March 2013: Early Easter holiday leaves cash-strapped families in the cold, while individual travellers fly to sun
This year's early Easter has forced families to cut back on expensive holidays, after only two pay days since Christmas has given them little time to save for a sunshine break. Around 80% of Easter holidaymakers will be individual travellers this year, according to specialist travel provider

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