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Postcard is Given Stamp of Approval

Many of us count our laptops and mobile phones as essential items to take with us abroad to keep in contact with friends and family back home. However, for some of those travelling abroad, finding a spinning carousel filled to the brim with glossy foreign postcards is all part of the trip.

A recent survey has shown that our love of technology has been beaten by a more traditional form of communication - the humble postcard.

The survey revealed that postcards have been a firm favourite amongst UK tourists for the last three decades and 50% of us send them. The second most popular choice was a phone call, followed by social media and emails. During the 1970's - 1990's, 7% of travelers would write and send a letter back home; but nowadays this is pretty much non-existent, with only 1% of travelers writing them.

Alongside our love of the postcard, the survey also highlighted that 33% ditch the e-tablet and take books with us on holiday. The traditional things are sometimes often the best!

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