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Photographer Headstands His Way Across America

When it comes to taking photos on your travels, shots of you standing in front of a renowned building, monument or statue may be a common re-occurrence, alongside plenty of group, landscape and food shots.

But for photographer, Alex Wein, he wanted to break away from the conventional travel photos, coming up with an ingenious yet simple idea which literally turned his world upside down.

In 2012, the 23 year old from Baltimore, Maryland came up with the idea after he saw a girl doing handstands in a San Francisco park the day before he was due to set off on a road trip across America with a group of friends from Brighton, UK. After a short lesson in headstand etiquette, Alex found the stunt pretty much impossible to recreate; although practice makes perfect and many painstaking hours later, he'd got it mastered.

During the 3 week road trip from San Francisco to Baltimore, Alex had been photographed with the help of his friends around some of the most iconic and stunning locations across America including The Grand Canyon, The Memphis and Arkansas Bridge, Utah's Monument Valley, and King and Queen's Seat in Maryland, just to name but a few!

Alex reckons his craziest but favourite picture was taken on the edge of The Grand Canyon. Although preferring the more unusual locations when planning a new photograph, he tries to not limit himself as his headstands are featured in more everyday locations such as streets, cemeteries, statues, abandoned buildings and skate parks.

Would you do something similar to Alex on your travels? Perhaps you're also planning a road trip or backpacking adventure and would like to have an unusual series of photographs to remember your trip by? Why not share your thoughts below in the comments or join in the conversation on our Facebook page!

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