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One Third of Brits Glued to Phone Whilst on Holiday (and 31% Travel Fib on Facebook!)

Staying connected whilst abroad is becoming a necessity for many to inform their friends and family how much they are enjoying their holiday, or updating their social media channels with endless statuses and holiday snaps. But for those on the other end of the spectrum, taking your phone on holiday is seen as a waste of time, believing you cannot truly unwind and relax when you are surrounding by ever-beeping technology.

A recent survey has revealed that a third of Brits have regretted taking their electronic devices abroad on a previous holiday and wish that they had spent more time soaking up the foreign culture and atmosphere.

In a world where we are so reliant on our mobiles, 36% of Brits admitted that they are reluctant to leave the smartphone safely at home. Half of all surveyed revealed that they check up on work emails whilst on holiday and 4 out of 10 strongly believed that it was 'important' to have access to social media whilst on their travels.

However when it came to deciding on the most important travel items, the mobile phone ranked 5th overall. More important items included a passport, travel insurance, sunscreen and sunglasses. The UK ranked 13th in the 'nations least likely to unplug' list, with 31% of those surveyed admitting to exaggerating and lying about their adventures on social media.

Most important travel items:

  1. Passport
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Travel insurance
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Mobile phone
  6. Deodorant
  7. Swimwear
  8. Razor
  9. Travel guide
  10. Gym kit

Nations least likely to leave the electronic devices at home whilst on holiday:

  1. Thailand (85%)
  2. South Korea (78%)
  3. Japan (69%)
  4. China (67%)
  5. Singapore (60%)
  6. Taiwan (53%)
  7. Norway (53%)
  8. Brazil (52%)
  9. Ireland (51%)
  10. Finland (50%)

Going on holiday is meant to be your chance to relax, unwind and soak up your surroundings so that when you return to the UK you can come back feeling refreshed. Sometimes it's good to take your mobile with you on holiday in case you need to contact someone in an emergency or you need to touch base with home, however it is important that you focus on enjoying your holiday as much as possible.

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