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Medical and Repatriation

At last you are on holiday! Whether you intend to laze on the beach, or by the pool, or you are backpacking round the world, this is the trip that you have saved up for, planned and looked forward to. Everything is perfect, and exactly as you planned it, but what about the things you haven't planned for?

What would happen if you were to suddenly fall ill, or become injured? Would you know where to go to get treatment? Do you speak the local language so that you can tell the doctors and nurses what is wrong with you? Most importantly, do you have the money readily available to pay for any treatment and tests? Only when faced with this kind of misfortune does it become clear just how important having good quality travel insurance really is. It is never pleasant to be injured or taken ill unexpectedly and, if you are in another country where medical treatment has to be paid for and you don't speak the language, it can turn into an extremely frightening and expensive nightmare.

The cost of medical treatment can range from a few pounds to hundreds of thousands depending on your location and the treatment you require. Alpha holiday medical and repatriation travel insurance will provide guarantees to the local hospitals and doctors for the treatment that they have agreed is medically necessary, relieving you of the worry of large medical bills. We hope that your condition is not too serious, and that you will be successfully treated and discharged to carry on with your holiday without any further problems. However, in some cases your condition may be more serious, necessitating a longer stay in hospital. Should this happen it may be necessary for someone to stay behind with you, or even to travel out from the UK to be with you. If this is the case, your holiday medical and repatriation insurance will cover the travel and 'bed and breakfast' costs for one person to travel to, or remain with, you and return home with you. When you are well enough to return home the policy will cover the cost of getting you home.

In the worst case scenario, you may be so ill or so badly injured that you require immediate repatriation to the UK. Every Alpha policy covers the costs involved in an emergency repatriation, which is good to know considering that an air ambulance from Greece or Spain would cost in the region of £25,000!

Buying travel insurance can be confusing, so instead of simply purchasing the cheapest policy, here are some pointers for buying a decent holiday medical and repatriation insurance policy:

Alpha Travel Insurance provides you with a range of policies which include Single Trip, Multi Trip, Longstay and Wintersports. Each policy in the product range provides you with the same levels of cover, the price variations are calculated based on the amount you want to contribute to a claim, £50, £60 or £100; the higher the excess the lower your premium, with no compromise on your cover. Every Alpha Travel Insurance policy provides a Doctor managed English speaking 24 hour emergency assistance helpline, which will liaise with the treating doctor, and explain what is happening to you in simple terms.

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