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Italy and France Named as Most Expensive Holiday Destinations – Spain and Bulgaria Declared as Cheapest

A change in the economy means that countries like Italy and France are becoming more expensive tourist destinations to visit than places like Spain and Bulgaria, which are becoming renowned for their cheaper prices and good value for money.

As the pound grows stronger, holidays to the Costa del Sol in Spain and Sunny Beach in Bulgaria are becoming cheaper and more affordable to the average Brit. Travellers have been warned that should they choose to travel to destinations such as Italy and France, they're likely to spend more throughout their stay than if they visited the cheaper destinations.

A new survey has revealed that typical holiday items such as bucket and spaces, sunscreen and insect repellent are often as much as 80% more expensive than in Spain and Bulgaria.

A bucket and spade cost just £1.63 in Crete, the third cheapest holiday destination after Spain and Bulgaria, but added up to a budget-breaking £8.17 in Nice, France.

A portion of chips was only the equivalent of 64p in Sunny Beach, Croatia, but £3.27 in Nice. For keen food-lovers, prices of restaurant meals with authentic food and fresh ingredients are falling dramatically in typically popular food-destinations such as Sorrento in Italy and Porec, Croatia. If you are a lover of eating out, however, it is advised you avoid Majorca, where prices have soared.

Andrew Brown, the spokesperson of Post Office Travel Money said that: "œPaying for meals is likely to have the biggest impact on the family budget whilst on holiday. Price variations in popular destinations are much greater than you might expect so those who have still to book would be well advised to do some homework to find out where feeding the family will cost the least. For those on a strict budget, Sunny Beach and the Costa del Sol look to be unbeatable value in 2014. However, competition between restaurants in Sorrento and Porec means that families visiting these resorts will pay a lot less than they might have done a year ago."

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