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Is This the World’s Most Travelled Dog?

Many of us find it hard to part with our beloved furry friends when we head abroad for our travels. So when Marianna Chiaraluce decided to swap the standard 9 to 5 job for one that would allow her to have a globetrotting adventure she also bought a one way ticket for her beloved pooch, Miami the Chihuahua. From indulging in 'breakfast at Tiffany's' in Times Square to being adored by Italian swimming suit-clad girls, the snap-happy canine loves posing at every opportunity.

With an owner that works in the hospitality business, three year old Miami was adopted at seven months old from a small dog-breeding kennel in Rome. However after minor breeding health problems meant that he couldn't enter into dog competitions, he now spends his time living the luxurious jet-setting lifestyle and sharing his holiday snaps with his fans on the social media website, Instagram. Since his photo sharing page was launched, Miami has had the privilege of accompanying his owner on all of her travels, visiting 15 US States alongside many European countries.

Items ticked off his bucket list include a visit to the picturesque village of Santorini, the breath-taking Grand Canyon, being held by a centurion at the Vatican in Rome, and meeting a life-like Marilyn Monroe statue in America. In every single photo, Miami can be spotted donning accessories including a soft harness, jewel studded collar or a snug winter coat - all in his trademark colour of red, of course! Not going to lie, we're a little bit jealous!

"œUnfortunately the only adventure he missed was the UK," Marianna explains, "œI did however take some postcards of Miami with me so that I could take pictures in London. He was so unhappy to miss out." Miami's health has not stopped him from travelling and seeing the word, with Istanbul to be the next country to check off of the bucket list. Marianna hopes that one day Miami will be able to visit London.

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