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Is It Time to Take a Digital Detox?

For most people, the mobile phone, laptop or tablet is a travel essential. Keeping in touch with those back home, checking work emails or browsing social media posts has become the norm for those heading abroad on holiday. But a 'digital detox' revolution is taking place - offering the chance to embrace a complete break from the digital devices that beep all day long. Would you do it?

A digital detox is not a new phenomenon. It has been around in America for some time, but the trend has now spread to the UK, allowing you to go back to the 'good old days' before mobile phones and portable computer devices were 'a thing'. It offers the chance to completely relax on your well-earned time off - after all, that is the point of a holiday!

We thrive on being connected to the world. It's human nature to experience something and want to share it on social media! But when you can pretty much go anywhere in the world and still have signal on your phone, or stumble across a Wi-Fi hotspot, it makes it increasingly difficult to ditch the technology completely. It can actually leave us more disengaged with our surroundings (and travelling companions) than we initially realise or intend.

If you fancy taking a break and going back to basics, check out our top tips below:

Get off the beaten track

We don't really need to tell you that taking a hiking holiday is great for your physical health. With areas lacking in mobile phone signal such as the Grand Canyon, Death Valley or the Hoh Rainforest, you can immerse yourself in your surroundings without hearing the constant distractions of devices.

Try a new activity

Taking a holiday surrounded by new people can work wonders if you're looking to leave the laptop! More and more companies are popping up that offer specific 'digital free' camping or retreat holidays and activities. Why not try something new to take your mind off of things? Pony trekking can be a great activity to try with new people, even if you are a beginner, and you can really enjoy the outdoors. The more wild the setting, the less likely you are to crave the technology.


You don't have to be a serious yoga addict to know that there's merit to leading a mindful life. Although busy home and work schedules can leave you feeling frazzled, so what better time to focus on your health and well-being than on holiday. You'll find that some hotels offer yoga classes, whereas specialist yoga retreats will give over-stimulated travellers the chance to reboot without distraction.

Taking a digital hiatus is much easier to do if you surround yourself with like-minded others.

Choose a remote destination or hotel

Holiday websites, such as Airbnb, are making it increasingly easier to choose weird and wonderful destinations and hotels in ways we could never have thought to be possible. Whether you choose a windmill in France, a modern gem in Brazil or a cottage in Cornwall, it is important to value the amenities of the location, rather than if they offer Wi-Fi.

However, if you prefer anti-tech locations of a more traditional nature, check out Haramara in Mexico, the Arawak Beach Inn in Anguilla or even the Kenauk Nature in Montebello, Canada - there's plenty of places to choose from!

Taking a digital detox is a challenge, but there are many benefits to be had from doing so - more quality time with the people you love who are holidaying with you, virtually zero reminders of the hustle and bustle of life back home, as well as the chance to truly relax and unwind - it will have a profound and lingering effect, even if only for a little while.

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