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Four holiday fiascos Inbetweeners 2 boys could avoid when travelling on gap year

This year's big summer comedy Inbetweeners 2 sees the hilariously hapless lads head off to Australia for a gap year experience, with each one of the characters prone to do something risky or stupid. But could their travel insurance cover them? looks at what cover would fit which character:

Will McKenzie - over-cautious and sensitive Will won't take his backpack off, even when trying to pull on the nightclub dancefloor. However his belongings would be covered up to £1,500 if lost or stolen. But if Will did get tired of carrying around his backpack and left it unattended in the nightclub, his insurance policy would not provide cover if it was stolen or damaged. Instead Will would need to ensure that his valuable documents and essentials from his bag were kept securely in the hotel safe.

Jay Cartwright - pervy self-confessed Love God, Jay, always has an eye for the ladies and will take risks more than most men to get a holiday romance. Protection against STIs is always advisable, however to put things in to perspective the average starting cost to treat chlamydia in Australia would be around AUS$200, roughly £110. Alpha's Longstay product offers a doctor-led emergency medical helpline open 24/7 for if things go wrong and you need to seek advice in the event you needed such treatment. The policy provides £10m worth of medical cover.

Simon Cooper - well-groomed and style conscious Simon expects to take all the latest gadgets and holiday essentials. Many travel insurance policies won't cover smartphones, tablets, watches and jewellery if lost or stolen , so he could find himself severely out of pocket. It is recommended to purchase separate gadget insurance or check that you don't already have cover under a different policy such as your home contents insurance.

Neil Sutherland - loveable but stupid Neil is always up for a laugh or can be coaxed into doing something adventurous or highly dangerous. Something adrenaline-fuelled involving bungee cords and long drops maybe? Alpha will cover adventurous travellers for bungee jumping as standard, with additional cover available for other activities such as deep sea shark cage diving, and zorbing in return for a small additional premium.

Chantelle Dadd, Brand Manager for, said: "œIt is important to ensure that you have the right travel insurance in place for your trip that can provide cover for all possible eventualities. Those who are planning a gap year or long stay trip abroad need to ensure that they have adequate activity cover on their policy as well as letting the insurer know of any existing medical conditions before they depart. Gappers who are visiting Australia like the Inbetweeners boys need to take precautions from common medical complaints, such as bites or stings, by obtaining the correct vaccinations as well as registering with Medicare upon arrival."

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Author Bio: Chantelle Dadd is the Brand Manager of Online Travel Insurance provider She is a travel enthusiast who loves writing about all things 'travel', from industry news to top destinations.

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