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Important Information: Storm Doris

Following the cancellation of a number of flights due to Storm Doris last week, we here at Alpha Travel Insurance would like to clarify our position.



If your flight has been cancelled, you should check with your travel agents, tour operators and airlines for further information and for compensation or alternative arrangements.

Travel Delay or Abandonment

If this benefit is available under your policy, then we are happy to offer benefit for travel delay, or alternatively trip abandonment, after a 24 hour delay post check in of your flight. This applies to trips which began on or after 23rd February 2017 only and until normal service resumed.

If this benefit is not usually available under your policy, then this scenario would not apply.

If you are unable to get to your international departure point on time for check in due to delays or disruption of trains where possible please try and make alternative arrangements to get to the airport on time. You may be able to claim for missed departure but should collate some evidence of the delays – screen shots of departure delays on National Rail website, or photos of the live departure boards at train stations will be considered in the absence of any formal written evidence.

Extension of your Travel Insurance

In the event of a delay or failure of public transport services during your trip which then cause you to be unable to complete your trip before your travel policy expires, then your insurance cover will be extended.

If you have any further questions, queries or general concerns, please contact us on, we’re happy to help!

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