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How to Plan an Awesome Gap Year

The change from Summer to Autumn for many of us, brings the return of school, college, work or University. Although the darker days and gloomy weather are well underway, you may be dreaming about your next holiday or even thinking of taking a gap year. Gap years in particular, are fantastic if you're looking to take a break from studying before taking a leap in to the world of work, with popular locations including Thailand, Australasia and Europe.

If you've just started your final year at University, it may seem like a long way off but in fact, there's no better time than now than to start planning your gap year. Check out our tips below for some ideas! (And if you enjoyed them, please like and share!)

Where should I go?

Firstly it's important to think of where you'd like to go. Do you have a bucket list that's as long as your arm? If so, pick out the key places you'd like to go and the important things you'd like to do then go from there. You don't want to end up travelling half way round the world only to reach the next country thinking "œI wish I'd done that." Have a rough idea first.

Secondly, cost can play a big factor on your destination. If you want to go to several different places, how will you get there? Backpacking around Europe (or places that are next to each other) is far easier than flying to many different countries that are dotted around the world (and less expensive!). If you're on a budget, a good idea is to choose one geographical area first and explore this gradually.

How long should I go for?

Whether you go for 3 months, a year or longer it all depends on what you want to get out of your trip. Many people allocate chunks of time to each country they are visiting, such as one week per destination; whereas others may spend a month and take things slower. It really is up to you!

If you're planning on volunteering, working abroad, or visiting lots of countries, 6-12 months is usually a good starting point.

How much will I need?

That all depends on how much you want to spend! You can spend as much or as little as you want on your gap year. They can be as expensive or as cheap as you want them to be - many things can be done on a budget even in the most expensive of countries!

Perhaps you might want to consider working abroad on your travels (provided you have the correct visa) to help fund your trip and gain some further experience.

When planning your gap year, make sure you protect yourself in the event of the unexpected by investing in an Alpha Travel Insurance Longstay policy. Rest assured that each one of our products feature a range of policy benefits - £10million medical expenses, a Doctor led emergency medical team, air ambulance and repatriation included as standard.

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