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How to Keep Your Hayfever at Bay

Hayfever is evil, there's no two ways about it. Just as you've enjoyed the first five minutes of summer, you're struck down by tortuous streamy eyes, a perpetually runny nose and the constant feeling that pollen is out to get you.

The Met Office regularly releases summer warnings to sufferers saying 'Today could have one of the highest pollen levels we've seen this summer' etc - something that non-hayfever sufferers celebrate (more to do with the high temperatures that come with elevated pollen levels, and nothing to do with cheering on their fellow human misfortune).

If you're constantly worried about going outside without a strong packet of antihistamines, four packets of pocket tissues and a huge bottle of water, Alpha Travel Insurance has a few things up their sleeve to help you keep hayfever away:

Take antihistamines

Even when you don't need them. If you only suffer from a mild case of hayfever, then taking the one pill now and again when you need to might just keep those pesky symptoms at bay, but if you're prone to your whole face deciding to erupt when you walk outside in the summer, then a regular dose of antihistamine, even when it's chucking it down with rain will ensure levels of the drug remain high in the system - fighting off any effects of rampant pollen. If this doesn't work, speak to your GP about prescribing you higher levels of antihistamine.


Deep breathing seems to be the faux cure for everything, but we assure you that this actually does work. A 2005 Swiss study found that hayfever sufferers reported less symptoms after they were taught hypnotherapy involving closing their eyes, taking deep, long breaths and letting go of the tension. Trying to ignore the 'pollen-tickle' in your nose might be difficult, but it can be done.

Red lights

Shining a red light directly up your nose increases blood circulation, reduces histamine production and calms inflammation - SCIENCE. Lloyds pharmacy has created a phototherapy probe specifically for the use of alleviating us from sneezing, a runny nose, watery eyes and an itchy mouth using this method.

Herbal remedies

Vitamins C and E, fish oil, reishi mushrooms and oil leaf extracts have all been used to treat summer sneezing. Some people swear by this sort of treatment, but others don't notice a difference. There's no harm in trying.


A daily spoonful of honey is extremely healthy for you. Not only has it been heralded by health experts as contributing to weight loss, but as it is made from nectar from the same plants and flowers which produce the pollen which gives us such grief, it does seem to help.

Quit smoking

Cigarette smoke further irritates the lining of your nose, eyes, throat and airways, so this can make your hay fever seem a lot worse.

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