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How to Keep the Peace with Your Travelling Companion – Part 2

With different interests but one single itinerary, it can be tricky to keep the peace when you and your travelling companion want to do different things on your trip. Whether you're abroad with your best friend, married significant other, or boyfriend/girlfriend, a little effort goes a long way when it comes to enjoying each other's company for an extended period of time in a foreign country.

Read on for our top tips!

(Part 1 can be found here).

Don't be afraid to venture out alone

Although you are travelling as a pair, you don't have to be constantly joined at the hip from morning to evening - Don't be afraid to go out and explore on your own! Although always let your travelling partner know where you are going, alongside arranging what time and place to meet them again. This is for both of your safety. Avoid venturing out alone at night, in deserted areas and places that are unsafe (or if you feel unsafe) - never risk your safety at any point.

Planning to leave the work at home or bring it with you?

Some individuals like to catch up on work when they are travelling as it provides a quiet opportunity to get things done in between sightseeing. It's a rare person these days that can completely switch off from work on their time off! We believe it's important to leave the work at home and use the trip to focus on other things. However if you absolutely must stay in touch with the office during your trip, make sure you do this in your own time. Wake up early to answer emails over breakfast, make calls whilst your companion is taking a nap, or check your schedule before you head to bed. Plan your schedule in advance and let your travelling companion know what times you are planning on working ahead of time.

Pack separate bags or suitcases rather than share

It may seem more efficient, especially for short haul trips, to share a bag between the both of you. Although this may seem a good idea, we would encourage you to think twice before you do this.

The reasons? Firstly, one person will have to carry it which can lead to resentment if one of you is lugging around a bag packed with the others clothes and souvenirs - plus it can get quite heavy!

Furthermore, packing style is very much a personal trait - some are quite neat with regards to folding up clothes and placing items in 'dirty clothes bags' to separate them; whereas others can be quite messy to their approach, stuffing everything in wherever there is a space and then sitting on the bag to make it shut.

There will be enough differences between you during the holiday, skip this one.

Avoid overscheduling your day

If you are travelling on your own, you'll simply skip an event or two if you get a little tired. When travelling together, one person's optional event might be the other's dream day that they are really looking forward too. Again, it's all about compromise, also ensuring you schedule in some down time so that you are free to relax without giving up any activities.

Budget, schmudget!

Everyone has different opinions when it comes to spending money, and travelling is no exception. Travelling with a friend or partner usually helps to save money in the long run. However if one person likes to splash out at every opportunity, whereas the other is more frugal with their cash, this is likely to cause conflict.

Decide ahead of time a general budget for the day or week and stick to it. Perhaps spend a little more on some days than others and try to balance things out. You don't want to be the one who runs out of money a couple of weeks into the trip. On the other hand, you don't want to have loads of money left over because you were too frugal to spend it. It's important to get the balance right.

Keeping your cool in a crisis

In the event of a minor holiday disaster, such as an airport delay or lost luggage, remember to keep your cool and think before you act. Stressful moments can make us say and do things that we wouldn't dream of doing usually, so carefully consider your words and actions in the heat of the moment. Angry words can have a negative, and lasting, effect on your relationship with each other and can potentially ruin your trip.

Saying 'thank you'

If your travelling companion has spent the day tagging along to your idea of a good time, remember to show your appreciation. A simple 'thank you for coming with me, it was better to experience this with you' goes a long way!

Remember why you decided to travel

All in all, and despite any potential hiccups or differences along the way, don't forget the original reason why you both decided to travel in the first place. Enjoy each other's company, experience new places together and you can cherish these moments in years to come.

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