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How to Get Through the Airport Faster

Airports and their long snaking queues for pretty much everything can cause a serious case of the holiday blues before you've even jetted off! But don't fear, we've put together our top tips for busting these airport nightmares to help make your airport experience faster and resemble a breeze in the tropical air!


When planning your trip:


Before you leave home:

- Jewellery

- Belts (This is a common one!)

- Underwired bras (consider packing these in your suitcase and wearing an alternative for the duration of your flight)

- Shoes with metal fastenings (Slip on shoes are a great alternative and can be put back on quickly without having to mess around with tying laces back up afterwards!)

Also these items will need to be emptied out of your pockets too:

- Keys

- Coins

- Mobile phone

- Chewing gum wrappers (Yes, even these! They are made of foil)



Travelling to the Airport:

  • Leave enough time to get there!
    This may sound obvious but it is common for many to only add an hour or so to their airport travelling time. What if you find yourself in a traffic jam that lasts hours, you come across road works, delayed transport, traffic accidents, road closures, your vehicle breaks down, you get lost....  It may be a lot of 'what ifs' but you can never predict what will happen, and we would rather be there 3 hours early than 3 hours late.


  • Don't always rely on the sat nav!
    These devices are helpful in most cases but can 'recalculate' themselves unexpectedly at times when you most need it. Consider having a backup just in case, by printing out a physical copy of your route.
  • Check the travel news!
    Do this before you leave and check for any accidents or traffic delays.
  • Pre-book your parking!
    It is recommended to book this at home in good time before your departure date, rather than when you get there. The most popular car parks are immediately next to the busiest terminals. However, if you fail to pre-book, you may be faced limited car parking availability and you may have no choice but to find a suitable last minute alternative.

At the airport:

  • Get everything ready to be checked while you are waiting in the queue.
    You don't want to get to the front desk and have to tip everything out on the counter in order to find what you need! This not only helps you out by getting you through quicker, but the check in staff will appreciate your organization and so will the other people behind you who are waiting.
  • This is the same for when you go through security. Get everything ready.


  • Put all your essential items and documents in a part of your bag that is easily reachable to yourself but remember to keep this secure and with you at all times.
  • Check up to date information of your flight at regular intervals.

What is your best airport travel tip? Let us know in the comments!

If you're jetting off soon, have a safe and enjoyable trip! Life to the full with Alpha Travel Insurance!

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