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How to Get Free Wi-Fi

If you're heading abroad, chances are you will want to keep in contact with your friends and family back home. Emails, video calling and social media sites have steadily become the most convenient and best way to keep in contact while abroad with those you love. Although there are many internet cafes around the world offering the use of internet in return for a small fee, the cost of this can really add up to a more significant amount over time. You may have your own devices with you to use abroad; searching for Wi-Fi ports is one thing, but getting access to the World Wide Web for free is a completely different ball game.

If you're keen to keep connected for free why not start through your accommodation. Staying in hotels may be the luxurious choice when on a backpacking trip, however there will usually be an additional charge for extras including internet. Even then, there is a limit to the amount of time you can use it - remember we're looking for free Wi-Fi here! Hostels are the backpacker's cheaper accommodation alternative; although they may be cheaper, it doesn't mean you get less for your money as some include completely free, no time limit, Wi-Fi.

Cafes, restaurants, libraries and certain high street shops also offer free Wi-Fi. You can download certain Wi-Fi finder apps to make your search that little bit easier. Some apps are able to store the maps and locations so that you can view them offline too!

Did you know that many airports have Wi-Fi available but you can use it offline too! This trick will only work if you're trying to connect to a network that you can download images in without the URL redirecting, but it works in most places. Simply type in the web address that you wish to visit and add "œ?.jpg" to the end. For example, - no need to thank us!

Things to Remember

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