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How to Find Time to Travel

If you've been trawling the internet looking at pictures of incredible sights, reading travel blogs about amazing experiences all across the world, or have just dug out some old travel plans, and are wondering 'How will I ever find the time to visit all these places?' then here's a guide just for you.

Travelling broadens your horizons, and it's a well-known fact that travelling throughout the world changes you as a person. The funny thing is, despite knowing the benefits of travelling, most people come up with excuses like "œOh, I don't have the time" "œWhen would I go?" or "œWhat, with all that free time I have?" - travelling within a time limit is really simple, guys.

Don't just stick to one place

I know it can be tempting to spend two weeks in one place, especially if you love it or are just more comfortable with the familiar, but getting out there and exploring something new every couple of days allows you to see so much more. Don't try to attempt and pack too much in though, or you might be so tired you won't really take anything in - plus, you'll never really see anything. Plan your trip thoroughly and make sure that you highlight the places you really, really want to see - only spend two weeks in a place if you mean business.

Buy extra holiday

Some companies have this thing where you can buy some extra holiday for the year. This seems like a cheat option, and often isn't even necessary if you plan with absolute precision. However, if you need to visit another huge continent (let's say the US) which requires a pretty hefty flight there and back, and you want to visit most places, taking another week can give you the time to do it.

Broaden your definition of travel

Don't define 'travel' in terms of how many air miles you've knocked up, how many pins are on your world map hanging, or how many miles away your destination is. Become a local tourist and discover some things that are hanging out right on your doorstep. The UK has a stunning amount of scenery and yet people can't see their nose in front of their face. Why not visit the stunning Scottish Highlands, the emerald isle of Ireland or the beautiful South coast?

Use bank holidays and 3-day weekends wisely

Plan well in advance. If you know a bank holiday is coming up, book a city break or plan how long it would take to drive to a place. Book your accommodation (other people are bound to have the same sort of travel plans) and make sure you have ideas of what to do in mind, to make the most of your time off.

Try going ex-pat

We've phrased this as though it's the same as going vegan, and it's kind of the same, only on a temporary basis. Try re-locating to a country for six months or a year. Most jobs will allow you to re-locate, and if they don't, why not try and find a source of passive income to fuel your travel whilst you're out there. Plenty of jobs also provide overseas opportunities - teach English in China or Thailand or do bar work in Australia - the world is quite literally your oyster, you don't have to feel tied down to your career, you can always return to it!

Wherever you plan on visiting within your treasured time off from the 'real world', be aware that the world doesn't have to be conquered in one go. Often, travel is more memorable and better in small does, a weekend here, a week there. Anyway, if you travel the whole world what is there left to explore? Travel at your own pace, to your own places, but don't let something as fleeting as time be a reason to not travel at all.

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