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How to Choose a Backpacking Destination

A long stay backpacking trip around the globe for 12 months is a great way to experience new cultures and see the world. Often taking a break from your studies or before leaping in to the world of work can leave you feeling refreshed upon your return and leave you with a clearer sense of direction.

Places you could go:

Things to consider:

Are you looking to learn, to have fun, to improve your language, to work? You don't have to stick to one objective but it's a good idea to have a think about what you would like to get out of your backpacking experience.

The world has a lot to offer so it's a good idea think about where you would like to go. Are there certain places that you've been itching to set foot in for a while? Put them on your list!

Bearing the above point in mind, consider if your budget will allow you to do these things. You will most likely need to save up some money before you leave for your trip, but once out there can you afford to live? What about getting to your next destination? Consider cheaper ways of travelling between destinations and hostels over hotels. Applying for a working visa and getting a job abroad will help you with your funding.


We hope that this has helped you to decide where to go on your gap year or backpacking trip. Please like and share this post if it did!

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