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Holidaymakers Forced to Stay in Hawaii

Tourists to Hawaii have been forced to extend their stay on the tropical island by three days and were given £500 spending money due to an aeroplane fault.

Whilst your boss might not give you much sympathy when you call up to stay "œHi boss, just to let you know my flight home has been delayed so I'll have to extend my holiday by three days, and it's okay, I'm in Hawaii and have been given £500 to spend", such was the predicament of over 200 holidaymakers who were meant to fly back home from their holiday in Hawaii last week but were told that due to a mechanical fault on-board their Air New Zealand plane, they would be unable to leave for another three days.

Pilots on-board the Boeing 767 flight took the decision to abort flight NZ09 to Auckland after the indication system on the pilot's dashboard was found to be faulty. Around half of the passengers due to fly back home were transferred and sent home on a Hawaiian Airlines flight later that day (how gutted would you be?), but the remaining passengers were given £500 in compensation by Air New Zealand when later rescheduled departures were also cancelled.

Air New Zealand said it was 'incredibly sorry' to have let its customers down, but we don't hear much complaining.

Hawaii is known for being the literal definition of paradise. Sugary, white sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs and dramatically rugged volcanoes lure millions of adventurous travellers to the island each year.

Carrie Hurihanganui, a general manager for Air New Zealand said: "œDue to the lengthy nature of this disruption, the difficulty we have experienced in adequately communicating with customers and the fact we have repeatedly let them down, we have made the decision that in addition to our unreserved apology, we will also be compensating each customer with $1,000 ($500) in either cash or Airpoints Dollars."

"œDue to an unfortunate combination of events, this group of passengers has travelled to Honolulu Airport on three occasions expecting to fly, however, on each occasion the aircraft has been unable to depart because of a series of evolving engineering issues." she added.

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