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Have You Checked Your Sun Cream?

With the summer months around the corner, many of us are booking the annual vacation abroad to a warmer climate. Sunglasses and beach hats are great for protecting our eyes and faces from the harmful UV rays, however after a quick dip in the pool or swim in the sea, our wet skin is vulnerable to getting sunburn and painful blisters. That's why packing sun cream is so important.

Did you know that a staggering 74% of Brits take last year's half-used bottles of sun cream away with them on holiday? That's three quarters of the entire UK population!

Even more shocking news is that 32% of people would take sun cream abroad that was over two years old, whereas others admitted they had lotion in their cupboards that was over FOUR YEARS old!

Checking the expiry dates on your sun cream is key, as over time it loses its ability to block harmful UV rays. As well as the ingredients losing their effectiveness, you may be left with little or no sun protection at all, as well as increasing your chances of developing skin cancer. If you check the label on the sun cream, it will have a mark which says "œ12M" which is put on the bottles by the manufacturers to indicate that the lotion should only be used for 12 months after date of purchase. Anything nearing 12 months or over should be thrown away and a new bottle purchased.

So why would people choose to keep old sun cream bottles year after year? Fear of wastage can potentially be a deciding factor as well as thinking it is too expensive; however it is important to remember that your health is so much more important than saving a few quid in not purchasing a brand new bottle. Generally, sun cream costs between £5-£10 depending on the SPF factor you choose and the higher the SPF, the more protection you've got.

If cost is an issue and you're travelling abroad with family or a group of friends, why not split the cost between you and share the sun cream with everyone who is travelling on your holiday? That way, the bottle is used up quicker and not left lying around until next year - far more cost effective and everyone is protected against the sun!

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