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Google Street View Trekker Spotted at Disneyland Magical Kingdom and Epcot Park

If you've ever fancied immersing yourself in the magic of the Disneyland Resorts without leaving the comfort of your own home, now you can!

After photos emerged on Twitter that appeared to be a Google Street View Trekker in Florida's Walt Disney World, Disney confirmed that the sighting was genuine - this means that virtual tours of all the Disney parks could soon be available online.

Visitors to the Disney parks shared photos on social media of a man in a green t-shirt and white baseball cap, wearing the iconic green Google backpack device. He was spotted walking through the Magical Kingdom and on a raft at Epcot theme park by Tom Sawyer Island.

A spokesperson for Disney said: "œWe can confirm that Google Street View is on property, but there is no further information to share at this time."

The sighting of Google's Street View Trekker points towards Google preparing to offer virtual tours of the Disney Resorts in the near future. Currently, Google already offers the chance for users to quench their wanderlust thirst by offering online tours of Disneyland Paris and the Walt Disney Studios Park, both located in France.

Other amusement parks including the popular Universal Studios resort in Orlando, Florida, have already been captured by the Google Street View team and users can navigate their way through the park on Google Maps.

Google Street View launched in 2007, and since then it has been able to capture a wide variety of locations, spanning from residential streets in Alaska, to Everest Base Camp, the Grand Canyon, the Eiffel Tower and even underwater! Google's fleet include the street view car (for residential roads), the trekker backpack device (for hiking and navigating through busy places), the street view trolley (for manoeuvring through museums), the snowmobile (for winter adventures), and finally the trike (for exploring narrow alleyways and UNESCO World Heritage Sites).

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