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Expert’s Guide to Holiday Packing

Often left until the night before a holiday, packing is one of those tasks considered to be stressful and frustrating. Once you've gathered all the items you'd like to take away with you, there is then the added challenge of trying to fit everything you need in to a case that is, well, just too small for all of your possessions - or is it?

Even if you successfully manage to fit everything in to the case, sit on top to squash it down and then close the zip, there's the added unknown surprise of what everything will look like once it is unzipped in your hotel room. Creases in clothes and split shampoo are a couple of the nightmares that could await you inside your case - and that's definitely not a great way to start your holiday!

But help is at hand, for there are people who hold job titles of 'professional packers' and they do just that - pack professionally. Ivica Tot-Genz works at Berlin's Hotel de Rome, and is so good at his job that he can pack the perfect holiday suitcase in just 15 minutes flat! Previously working as a parachute packer in the army, you could say he's learnt a thing or two about how to pack properly, stating that anyone can learn his tips and tricks at home.

Rolling or layering?

Some promote the idea of layering clothes on top of each other and then rolling them up together as one bundle to prevent creasing and save space; however if packing heavier items such as jeans, then layering will be better suited. Simply alternate the way you put the jeans in to your case with the legs hanging over the edge, and then once done, fold the legs into the case again alternating as you go.

Packing tips:

Do you have any of your own packing tips? Have we missed anything out? Why not let us know by visiting our social media pages and joining in on the conversation!

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