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Experience Time Travel on World’s Fastest Jet

It's a familiar scene for many on New Year's Eve - you're all dressed up with a glass of bubbly in your hand singing Auld Lang Syne and covered in party popper string. Instead of spending your evening watching Jools Holland on TV, why not welcome in the year 2015 with a bit more of a BANG!

If you're one for luxury travel and love to party, why not combine the two by travelling back in time? No, we're not talking about finding a time-travelling police box (although that would be pretty awesome!) - a new luxury holiday has been created and enables keen party-goers the chance to celebrate the New Year not once, but twice, on the world's fastest jet travelling just under the speed of sound.

Starting in Australia and finishing in Los Angeles, you can celebrate the New Year twice by private jet for just £7,380 per person or if you fancy bringing your friends it's £132,838 for 18 passengers. The company offering this magnificent trip is private jet company, PrivateFly, who say that this trip is only possible by flying in an Easterly direction across the International Date Line; Los Angeles is 19 hours behind Sydney therefore it is possible to visit both in the same evening on their (very cleverly planned) itinerary. By doing this you gain eight extra hours, which is more than enough to party a second time, if you feel up for it after the first party and an 11 hour plane trip!

Double New Year Itinerary:

If money was no object, would you time travel and celebrate the beginning of 2015 twice on this trip? Where would you spend New Year's Eve if you could travel anywhere in the world - why not let us know in the comments below!

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