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Exclusive Backpacking Destinations – a Must to Visit

6 Of the most exciting and exclusive places to visit on your backpacking travels...

South Africa

South Africa isn’t a destination for the shoe-string budget traveller, but it is perfect if you’re looking to see somewhere with diverse culture, absolutely stunning scenery and epic wildlife. It’s fast becoming the adventure capital of the world because there’s so much to do, and we’d recommend it as a must see on your backpacking travels. Rent a car and travel around the country at your own pace to take it all in and meet new friends along the way. Then book yourself onto a safari trip and see if you can spot any giraffes or rhinos! Safari Bookings offer a range of different safari tours, including lodge stays, night drives and bush walks as just a small sample of the many activities available ( Don’t forget to visit a vineyard and taste some South African wine!



Fiji can get forgotten along the backpacker routes because it’s so small compared to its neighbour Australia, but this small island has a lot more to offer than the regular tourist clogged landmarks around the world, and it’s perfect if you’ve got a bit more of a budget to spend. We’d suggest you begin your trip sampling the culture in Nadi, and then book a helicopter tour from Nadi International Airport to the Mamanuca Islands. If a helicopter isn’t close enough for you, take a multi day cruise to the tour all the islands and take in the paradise. (



Malaysia is fast becoming a popular backpacking destination because of its rich culture, modern architecture and ecological beauty. With world-renowned attractions at seemingly every turn, you’ll struggle to decide what to fit in during your time there but we’ve got a few suggestions…Firstly book yourself a reservation in the Atmosphere 360 restaurant at the top of the Menara KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur. A revolving restaurant 276m above a city is a fantastic way to spend an evening. You should also take a trip on the Langkawi Cable Car for stunning views of the most perfect landscape from Langkawi’s second highest peak. Just to add to the fun, you should definitely go to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. It’s absolutely huge and split over three different sections! (



A country that is a world apart from anywhere else you’ll visit in your lifetime. Japan is made up of contrasts of the traditional and the modern, and you’d be a fool not to go there. Tours of the impressively colossal Mt Fuji can be arranged at a cost, and you can make a day of it or turn it into a longer more immersive experience ( One thing people might not think they can find in Japan is hot springs but the island of Kyushu is an area of geothermal activity where you can visit hot springs near Beppu and enjoy all the relaxation they have to offer. And if history is what you find interesting, you must pay a visit to Hiroshima. Although a busy tourist attraction, it’s now a city of peace and it’s worth spending a couple of nights here. For more tips on planning your trip to Japan, read this. (

Mount Fuji


An unusual destination for a holiday and for backpackers, but the more you read about it the more you hear about the incredible time people have experienced here. Whether it’s an impromptu trip or planned down to a T, there’s a surprisingly varied amount of things to do and it offers an adventure like no other. You can try Polar Plunging which involves completely submerging your body into icy waters (not for the faint hearted!). There is also sea kayaking, whale watching, the world’s southernmost post office (yes, really), penguins and Zodiac Cruising, which we’d definitely recommend! There are some remote and isolated areas that are only accessible when you’re in a large inflatable boat, and you’ll be glad you got to see them for yourself.



This South American country has a lot to offer the backpacker, and the most well-known and popular excursion is a trip to Machu Picchu. You have the choice of taking a day trip or turning it into a several day trek along the Inca Trail to reach the summit, where views of Machu Picchu will prove the climb was well worth it. There are lots of different tours to choose from, ranging from ones that cater for the budget traveller, through to those where money isn’t an issue. The country is studded with Incan ruins in different areas, and another must see is Sacsayhuaman on the outskirts of Cusco. Perhaps one of the most stunning Incan ruins, the complex is built like a fortress with irregular boulders which fit together like a jigsaw. While in Cusco, you can experience the culture of the city and take in the incredible architecture before moving on.

Machu Picchu


Go explore!

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