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Exciting Travelling Events Across the World!

Two good things in life: visiting and learning about other cultures, and a great party atmosphere. People around the world celebrate meaningful events differently, and there's no reason to not travel and experience them all. We've compiled a short list of world events which are too exciting to miss.

Rio Carnival, in Rio de Janeiro
Brazil prides itself on the famous display of national identity which is expressed in their annual, world-famous Rio Carnival. As a celebration of the beginning of Lent, the festival begins on Saturday and finishes on Fat Tuesday (when Mardi Gras celebrations elsewhere in the world really kick off). The streets of Rio are brimming with cheering crowds, street parties, dancers, samba dances, drummers, singers, dancers and fancy (or cross) dress is often required.

Mardi Gras, in New Orleans
A festivity which now consists of modern twists to the older tradition, including huge parades, bead necklaces and king cake, New Orleans is the best place to be to celebrate Mardi Gras. The dense population of French-Americans in New Orleans and the history the city has with Mardi Gras means the
community goes all out, every year. Often described as the world's biggest party, 'Mardi Gras' stands for Fat Tuesday in French and the festival celebrates the beginning of Lent.

St. Patrick's Day, in Dublin
Although travelling Irishmen have spread the celebrations of their national saint's day across the globe, there's no better place to be on March 17th than the capital of Ireland and wearing green, toasting the day with a pint or three of famous Guinness stout. The atmosphere is incredible, and this festival is well worth a visit.

Bastille Day, in Paris
The 14th July marks Bastille Day in France. The celebration of the first major event of the French Revolution of 1789 involved the storming of the Bastille prison. Similar in spirit to American Independence Day, Bastille Day is celebrated by patriotic parades and processions throughout the capital city and if you've always wanted to see fireworks from the Eiffel Tower- Bastille Day is the day to do it.

La Tomatina, in Bunol
For one morning a year, a small town in Valencia, Spain dissolves into the world's biggest tomato fight. Beginning as an anti-Franco celebration in 1945, this fight has quickly become a fast-growing tradition, and makes the town famous world over. Over 140 tonnes of the squishy fruits (not vegetables) are thrown each year, with over 30,000 participants taking part annually. The week before the fight, the town also hosts a paella cook-off and fireworks among other festivities.

New Year's Eve, in Sydney Harbour
New Year's Eve is a celebration for anyone, but Sydney Harbour puts on a spectacular 12-minute firework display every single year which is admired from people all over the world. The Opera House sits in the foreground and helps provide travellers with a scene they'll never forget.

Oktoberfest, in Theresienwiese
The first celebration in our list for an actual object as opposed to an important date or event, Oktoberfest is the German festival that literally celebrates beer. Millions of people travel to Munich each year just to participate in the weeks-long festivals. The mayor taps into the first keg at 10am on the first day of the festival, and then over 6.7 million litres of beer are drunk throughout the duration of the celebrations. Set in a variety of tents, visitors can hop in and out of the different atmospheres and sample some of Germany's finest foods and ales.

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