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Essential Holiday Items You Cannot Leave Behind

Packing for your holiday is often left to the last minute with a flurried frenzy of throwing in dresses, shirts, flip flops and sunscreen. The case is then shut, zipped and put in the car ready for the trip - done! But how many times have we done this only to remember that we have forgotten something essential for our holiday? Check out our list below of the top items that you *need* to bring with you on your next trip.

Moist towelettes

These are great for packing in your carry-on luggage and are great for wiping sticky fingers, tabletops, door handles and tray tables to sanitize. Not only that, they make a fantastic face refresher after a long or tiring day travelling. Many wet wipes contain alcohol which is also great for removing certain ink stains, making them a must have essential for families and backpackers!

Sarong or bandana

A sarong or bandana is essential to take on holiday with you as it can be used for so many different things! Obviously used as headwear or clothing in its standard use but also doubles up as a sling, tote bag, towel, scarf, cooling device (when wet) and much, much more! If you need a pillow for a long flight or car journey, fold up a jumper or other squashy item of clothing and tie the sarong around it - voila! A make shift travel pillow!

Power strip

These are great for taking on holiday with you so make sure that you do not forget to pack this! If bringing gadgets or electrical items with you, a power strip is great as you can charge several items at a time from one power socket. Having one of these can help if you are prone to leaving things behind too! The only catch is that you may need to bring a power socket adapter - you may need more than one adapter if visiting multiple countries. Check before you travel.

Duct tape

Not a common item to reach the suitcases of many travellers, but it's a good one to pack! Duct tape is so versatile - fix a suitcase, remove lint from clothing, baby-proof your hotel by covering power sockets and taping things shut, fix your guide book if it breaks - the list is endless. Plus it is light weight and cheap, making it a perfect travel addition.

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