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Comedian Skypes His Way Around the World

For those who love travel, many of us like to do it in the traditional way; packing your rucksack, buying a plane ticket and setting off on the ultimate adventure of a lifetime. But for one man, his dream was to virtually make his way around the world on a budget of zero.

Comedian, Mark Malkoff, 36, has managed to travel the world... without spending a penny and even without leaving the comfort of his New York home. He's managed to cross off 162 out of 193 countries in total from his bucket list, globe-trotting around the world simply by contacting people using Skype.

His aim is to contact one person from every country in the world; so far he has spent 27 hours on the virtual phone call service and completed 80% of his mission... including a Skype call from the 'secret state' of North Korea! Language barriers were not a problem, as Malkoff was shown around homes, taken to famous landmarks and even saw a show in Ireland.

The project was started in order to explore people's kindness and generosity from around the world.

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