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Bungee Jumping

Whether done as an adrenaline rush or simply as a charity stunt, bungee jumping is an exciting activity not for the faint hearted!

Adventure enthusiast and keen travel blogger, Kelly had a go at bungee jumping for the very first time. In this post she shares her tips on planning a bungee jumping experience, what to expect and how she overcame her fear of heights.

 1.      How did you plan your bungee jump?

On the 31st August 2013 I decided to take part in a bungee jump at Bray, Windsor in the UK. My boyfriend and I are keen adventure enthusiasts; therefore I decided to arrange a spontaneous surprise tandem bungee jump for us both. Finding a local centre was easy using the internet as it offered a wide selection of venues and showed the full range of options and prices. I chose a reputable UK company that had been doing bungee jumps at the same location for 5 years.

 2.      If you needed any equipment did you own or hire it?

We didn't really need to bring any equipment as they provided all of the safety gear and ropes (thankfully). Although it is important to remember that once you are high up, the temperature can be quite cold depending on what season it is (as well as the quick rush of wind as you descend). We made sure that we would be warm by wearing appropriate clothing.

 3.      How did you feel before you began? Were you nervous?

Before we began the bungee jump I was really nervous as I'm not a fan of heights. Although I was also really excited because it was a new experience and something I knew that my boyfriend would really enjoy doing. Sometimes your nerves can take over when faced with a challenging situation although it's important to reassure yourself that everything is safe and you are in capable hands of a professional.

 4.      Did you have any special instructions to follow?

As we would be bungee jumping together, we ended up sharing the same rope! We were told to keep our arms wrapped around each other's waists and my head had to be resting on my boyfriends shoulder so that we wouldn't be smacking into each other mid air. After the third recoil of the cord the cage we were attached to would start to lower, therefore my boyfriend had to hold his hands out so that they could bring us down to the ground and unclip us from the ropes.

5.      How did the experience make you feel?

The experience itself was very exciting and definitely an activity that fuels the adrenaline in you. Although I'm not keen on heights, the view from above is incredible.

Once we were safely on the ground, watching the following people jump really makes you want to get back up in the cage and do it all over again.

 6.      Has doing this activity given you a thirst for further adventure?

Yes it has! The bungee jump we did was 160ft and it would be fantastic to get up to the next level which is 300ft. My boyfriend however, wants to do the highest solo jump in the UK which currently stands at 450ft.... although I don't think I'm brave enough yet!

 7.      What advice would you give to anyone thinking about doing a bungee jump?

Enjoy the moment as it's over so fast! I ended up buying the DVD of us doing the jump, which I am so glad I bought as each time I watch it, it brings back all of the initial feelings of nervousness and then the following sense of achievement once the jump had been completed.

If this post has given you a thirst for further adventure, make sure you also have travel insurance for your own bungee jump, especially if travelling abroad. If you enjoyed this post, please like and share it using the social share links below.

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