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Brits Deliberately Travel to Miss Important Events

If you're one of the many individuals or families who are travelling abroad this summer, it's worth a think about what you might be missing out on.

A new survey by has revealed that an astonishing 70% of British holidaymakers said that they were motivated to book a trip abroad for a specific date so that they could be out of the country during certain events.

More than 35% said they had booked key dates to miss stressful or important work commitments, while 19% said they had wanted to miss a big family celebration and 13% said they booked a holiday over the dates that collided with big national events such as sports matches or royal celebrations. This could be understandable, as roads, streets and shops becomes packed with people preparing to celebrate on a grander scale.

Over two thousand participants who had been on holiday abroad in the past year were questioned using the survey, and when they were asked if their holiday booking tactics had been successful in allowing them to avoid the situation they wanted to miss back home, 77% said yes, but 21% said that it had ended up causing them even more stress in the long run.

A lot of people book holidays when it's due to be sunny and hot in their destination of choice or at times when holidays are offered at discounted rates like off-peak seasons, but it seems surprising that so many people book their holidays specifically around avoiding something back home.

If you're deliberately going away when something important is going on in the workplace or to avoid something else going on at home, the consequences might end up giving you more of a headache than it's worth. By picking a time that's affordable and when places are offering discounted prices or good deals for the destinations you want to visit, you can get away on your own terms and finally relax!

Did you book your holiday at the exact same time as the London Olympics? Or the Royal Wedding? Maybe you wanted to miss your predictably chaotic Uncle's birthday or you just couldn't abide your mother-in-law and wouldn't have been able to stand her speech at your brother-in-law's wedding. Whatever the reason, it seems us Brits are better at avoiding things that we don't want to go through rather than dealing with the situation head-on (a rather British trait, we think).

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